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The ½-Lifers

server name: emporium.hopto.org
pswd: wghetto

updated 20-apr-08
  • Sunday April 20: New maps for tonight cs_nightgrove, de_dust_pcg (repeat), de_sewercanals. We are repeating the last few to try to get more opinions submitted. Apologies to anyone who detested thost maps, we will be brief I hope.
  • Friday, April 18:
    Please take note of the change in IP. If you are using the IP name, it should be updated already, no worries.
    Rate those maps or we will replay them. I have spoken.

A bunch of guys who know how to keep their priorities straight. We play together because its fun, and we like to have fun. We prefer to play with folks we know, so if you were invited to come by someone, great. Otherwise, congratulations finding this website, but please piss off! ;)

We try out a few new maps on Sunday and Tuesday nights, then play all the best ones we've found on Friday. The Ratings page shows which maps we've tried and how they rate. The downloads page shows the maps waiting in the wings and has individual downloads for the ones we'll play on Friday night. Also has a link to the voting booth which opens when we've played some new maps for awhile (usually about two weeks).

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